Technable offers its knowledge, expertise and skills to the telecom service providers, operators, equipment manufacturers and solution developers in supporting their:

  Strategy, analysis and decision making

  Solution architecting and technology development

  Project planning and Implementation

  Resource development and competence building


Consultancy services offered and training courses conducted by professionals with years of hands-on industry experience, in the USA and elsewhere, working with and for the software solution providers, equipment manufacturers, operators and service providers, making the quality of offerings at par with the best anywhere in the world.


Yet our services are extremely affordable from cost perspective, because we enjoy the cost advantage of offering them from India and we pass that on to you anywhere in the world.


You get the best of both worlds. Quality expert service offerings at most optimized cost.

Text Box: Get the best of both worlds
Western practice @ Eastern price

telecom advisory & training services

for operators, service providers, software/solution providers, equipment vendors